PatientOnLine – PD therapy management in your daily practice


PatientOnLine (POL) is a powerful therapy management tool that supports clinical decision making by bringing together all components needed to deliver a high quality peritoneal dialysis (PD) treatment. Read here how POL has evolved based on clinicians feedback over time and how it can support you in your daily practice.


PatientOnLine has successfully proven its efficiency and value in a number of studies1-3 since it was first introduced 10 years ago. This therapy management tool has continued to evolve and now includes a number of new features. Here we provide an update on the benefits of POL.

Over the last 10 years, POL has been embraced worldwide with over 2500 installations in 60 countries. This has included making POL available in 19 different languages. Our continued focus on innovation has also led to the integration of POL with the sleep•safe cycler and Body Composition Monitor (BCM).
  • The sleep•safe cycler has the flexibility to deliver a variety of therapies including automated PD Plus (a combination of day time and overnight exchanges) and adapted automated PD (incorporating cycles of different dwell length and fill volume)
  • The BCM is an innovative analysis system that enables fast, accurate and non-invasive fluid status monitoring. In addition, the BCM distinguishes muscle mass from pathological fluid overload thereby allowing the detection of malnutrition in patients with kidney failure.

With POL you can:

  • Understand the patient’s condition and the characteristics of the peritoneum from a variety of adequacy tests such as the peritoneal function testing (PFT) and peritoneal equilibration test (PET)
  • Simplify creation of individual patient prescriptions for both continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) and automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) modalities
  • Avoid a trial-and-error approach to the prescribing process
  • Evaluate and analyze the results of treatments received from the APD cyclers
  • Easily create statistical reports on certain patients or patient groups for clinical benchmarking and analysis.

To learn more about the clinical evidence for PatientOnLine, click here.

To find out more about how PatientOnLine might be useful in your clinic, click here.

If you would like to trial PatientOnLine and integrate this with the sleep•safe cycler and Body Compostion Monitor (BCM), please contact Fresenius Medical Care Singapore.


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