PatientOnLine – the proven PD therapy manager


PatientOnLine (POL) is a therapy management tool that allows prescriptions to be individually adjusted according to the needs of patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis (PD). Here we provide an overview of clinical data supporting its use.

While PatientOnLine was first introduced 10 years ago, our focus on innovation has led to this tool being continually improved and updated. The value of personalizing dialysis programs using the prescription modeling PatientOnLine tool was demonstrated in a study of 15 patients undergoing automated PD treatment.1 Results showed that adjustment of the dialysis prescriptions over time – in accordance with the progressive decline in residual kidney function and peritoneal depuration – allowed for the dialyzing function of the peritoneal biologic filter to be easily maintained.1 In fact, after one month of personalized dialysis treatment, weekly peritoneal Kt/V increased significantly (Figure 1).1

Figure 1. Peritoneal Kt/V at baseline (“basal”) and after 1 month of personalized automated PD treatment utilizing PatientOnLine.>

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Adapted from Galli et al, 2011.1

An additional study by Uehlinger and colleagues evaluated the accuracy of the PatientOnLine kinetic modeling function in predicting urea (KT/VKt/V) and creatinine (ClCrea) clearances in 17 patients.2 Results demonstrated that the correlation coefficient for measured and predicted KT/VKt/V and ClCrea were 0.93 and 0.95, respectively.2 This study demonstrated that the PatientOnLine therapy management tool is reliable for the assessment of current PD prescriptions as well as for modeling new prescriptions.2

Furthermore, a Japanese study by Suzuki from 2008 found that PatientOnLine enabled clinicians to successfully analyse important measurements from the Peritoneal Function Test (PFT), such as residual renal function, nutritional status and dialysis efficiency. According to the authors, it helped clinicians to easily and accurately grasp the overall medical condition of their patients undergoing PD.3

As demonstrated in these three studies, PatientOnLine is a powerful tool that supports the clinicians in decision-making by bringing together all components needed to deliver a high quality peritoneal dialysis (PD) treatment. This changes the way patient data supports clinical workflow, giving you a complete overview and control over the PD patients’ management.

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