Patients' Stories

Mdm Teoh’s story – keeping on living a happy life

Mdm Teoh story

Madam Teoh shares her story about living with peritoneal dialysis in Singapore. Since commencing peritoneal dialysis in 2013, she says her lifestyle has not been affected much and gives the advice: "Just be happy and continue with your lifestyle."

Today, she continues her active daily routine just as she did before her diagnosis of kidney failure.

Joseph's story: Enjoying life again

JosephVideo thumb

Before starting dialysis in 2007, Joseph’s health and emotional well-being were not so good and he was feeling sad and down. But life changed for the better once he started dialysis.

Today, he feels more energetic, healthier, is able to go back to work and enjoy activities like playing golf and swimming. Being on dialysis hasn’t stopped him from travelling and enjoying holidays with his family.