Therapy Data Management System (TDMS)


Effective data management systems are becoming increasingly important in dialysis due to the growing number of patients and the rising requirements for documenting patient data. Manual management of these data is not ideal as it involves a great deal of administrative work and ties up valuable resources.

Fresenius Medical Care offers a complete haemodialysis product and service portfolio that includes integrated information technology solutions. TDMS, which includes a combination of hardware and software components, provides a seamless connection between dialysis and information technology. It prepares and presets the dialysis devices prior to therapy and then accurately records vital information as follows:

  • The patient's weight before and after dialysis

  • Details of the treatment process

  • Additional laboratory tests performed during dialysis

  • Medication doses

  • Events during dialysis

  • Predefined workflows (in checklist format)

  • Changes in treatment processes

  • Changes in consumables

TDMS enables the therapy manager to:

  • Create and edit dialysis treatment prescriptions

  • Create and edit medication prescriptions

  • Maintain and interpret laboratory data

  • Generate reports

Additional modules also provide the following services:

  • Communication with higher hospital information systems (HIS)

  • Provision of data to external quality management systems

  • Flexible Crystal reports that can be exported to MS Excel. Charting of data is also possible in this powerful reporting function

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